In the fast-paced world of marketing, a Construction Project Manager shoulders the responsibility of building and maintaining a strong brand presence. One crucial aspect of this task is effective signage and branding. When it comes to national-scale projects, partnering with a reliable national sign company becomes imperative. In this blog post, we will explore the advantages of collaborating with a leading provider like National Branding, with insights from Wade McKnight, Director of Construction at DaVita Kidney Care. We will delve into how their national branding solutions can significantly simplify a Construction Project Manager’s life.

Why Choose a National Sign Company?

Expertise and Experience:

National sign companies like National Branding possess extensive expertise and experience in handling large-scale projects across diverse industries. With a deep understanding of branding principles and a comprehensive range of signage solutions, they are well-equipped to meet the unique needs and requirements of businesses operating at a national level. Their experience enables them to navigate complex projects efficiently, ensuring consistent and high-quality results.

Comprehensive Services:

National sign companies offer a wide range of services, including design, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance of signage. From interior and exterior signage to digital displays and vehicle wraps, they provide end-to-end solutions to enhance brand visibility across various touchpoints. This comprehensive approach saves project managers and CMOs the hassle of managing multiple vendors, allowing them to focus on other critical marketing initiatives.

Consistency and Brand Integrity:

Maintaining consistent branding across multiple locations can be a challenging task for national companies. National sign companies specialize in creating signage that adheres to brand guidelines and ensures consistency across all branches and regions. By delivering high-quality, cohesive signage solutions, they safeguard brand integrity and strengthen brand recognition, resulting in a unified and impactful customer experience.

Streamlined Project Management:

Coordinating a national branding project involves managing multiple stakeholders, timelines, and logistical considerations. National sign companies have the necessary resources and infrastructure to handle these complexities efficiently. With dedicated project managers like Wade McKnight overseeing the entire process, project managers and CMOs can rely on their expertise to ensure seamless execution, timely delivery, and effective budget management.

Interview with Wade McKnight, Director of Construction at DaVita: A Successful Partnership with National Branding

Q: How has working with a national sign company like National Branding improved your branding efforts at DaVita?

Wade: Collaborating with National Branding has been instrumental in enhancing our branding efforts at DaVita. As a leader in quality dialysis care, it is crucial for us to maintain a consistent and recognizable brand presence across our numerous locations nationwide. National Branding’s expertise in signage solutions and their understanding of our specific industry has greatly supported our branding initiatives, ensuring our message and identity are effectively conveyed to our patients and stakeholders.

Q: In your experience, how has National Branding simplified the project management process for your signage projects?

Wade: National Branding’s dedicated project management approach has significantly simplified our signage projects. As a construction project manager, I am responsible for overseeing multiple aspects of our facilities, and having a reliable partner like National Branding to handle the signage component has been invaluable. They have efficiently managed the entire process from design to installation, ensuring seamless coordination, timely delivery, and effective budget management. This has allowed me to focus on other critical aspects of our construction projects while having peace of mind knowing that our signage needs are in capable hands.

Q: How has the partnership with National Branding positively impacted DaVita and its patients?

Wade: The partnership with National Branding has had a positive impact on both DaVita and our patients. By maintaining consistent and high-quality signage across our locations, we have been able to create a cohesive and welcoming environment for our patients. The clear and recognizable branding elements provided by National Branding have helped our patients easily identify our facilities, fostering trust and confidence in the care we provide. Additionally, the visually appealing and informative signage has improved wayfinding, making it easier for patients to navigate our facilities and receive the care they need.

Q: What sets National Branding apart from other sign companies you have worked with?

Wade: National Branding stands out due to their extensive experience and expertise in serving national-scale clients. Their knowledge of branding principles, combined with their comprehensive range of signage solutions, has made them a trusted partner for DaVita. Moreover, their dedication to understanding our specific needs and industry requirements has ensured that the signage solutions they provide align with our brand guidelines and meet our expectations. The level of professionalism, responsiveness, and attention to detail demonstrated by National Branding truly sets them apart from other sign companies we have worked with.


Partnering with a national sign company like National Branding, with Wade McKnight, Director of Construction at DaVita Kidney Care, has proven to be highly beneficial in enhancing branding efforts, simplifying project management, and positively impacting patients’ experience. Through their expertise and commitment to quality, National Branding has become a trusted partner, enabling DaVita to maintain a consistent and recognizable brand presence across their nationwide locations, ultimately benefiting both the organization and the patients they serve.