Make the Dream Franchise - How to Hire and Keep Talent

As the team leader, you are looking for talent. Assemble a dedicated group who can hit it out of the park (and amplify your ROI).

If you build it, they will come. That’s great — but you don’t just want “they.” You want the best team possible to help you grow your represented brand.

After all, the team you assemble will spend thousands — yes, thousands — of hours together with the shared goal of delivering on your vision. So it’s important to put your best employees forward to hit a home run for themselves, your customers, the franchised brand and for you.

With baseball top of mind — the 2021 season is right around the corner — we’re using the all-American sport to illustrate how making the right call also helps the all-American business.

Showcase natural talent through simple steps.

A common rookie mistake? Not paying attention to recruitment best practices. When your goal is to provide a consistent, sustainable and replicable quality of products and services to consumers, you are best served by having a few power hitters on your team.

Here’s how to fill those important roles:

  • Fill the managing position first with someone who is seasoned and trusted.
    This is going to be the captain — your go-to employee. So set the tone for your franchise by hiring this person first. When you have this person in place, include them when hiring the rest of your team so they know they are a valued team member.
  • Hire people with some experience in the work (bonus points for people who have worked for the franchise).
    Training is essential — but if you hire someone who’s been in the field, it cuts down on needed training time and they can help mentor less experienced employees. Also: They might be more confident and congenial with customers because they have confidence from previous experience.
  • Do a quick assessment of local wages and pay a little more.
    We understand the financial balance at play here, but one qualified employee is worth at least two benchwarmers. Look at your competitors and see what they pay per position — then throw in something extra. In most situations, this would  be wages — but it could also be through benefits or flexibility, depending on the type of work.


Make the Dream Franchise - How to Hire and Keep Talent

Learn from those who have gone before you (and are still hitting home runs).

One of the great things about licensing a franchise is the up-front support. It’s important to use it. Your franchisor probably has resources to help you. Read the hiring information carefully.

If they don’t have hiring resources, consult other franchise owners. Since there are often franchise best practices in place to prevent market saturation, you aren’t competition and they will want to see you succeed in uplifting the brand name in a new market. Take advantage of the collective wisdom of fellow franchisees who have built successful franchise businesses.

Bring in the G.O.A.T. — get recruiters who know your market.

You are an entrepreneur — that’s why you decided to open your own business. You have the ideas, strategic thinking and drive. But you might not have the bandwidth to give all of  your focus to quality team recruitment when there are other areas that need attention when getting established in your business community.  

For broader reach, a quick hiring process and finding employees that rank among the Greatest of All Time, go with an experienced consulting team to help assemble a staff that works best for your franchise needs. 


Make the Dream Franchise - How to Hire and Keep Talent

Get someone who knows all the signs and signals.

This goes beyond hand motions from the third and first base coach. It’s about partnership: Teams thrive when seasoned professionals are on board — they maximize potential, which is essential when wanting to advance to that All-Star level. Whether you are opening your first franchise or are expanding to a new market, the look and messaging needs to be spot on. 

National Branding knows this and are brand-building experts. With more than 25 years experience — clients include owners of Jet’s Pizza and RE/MAX franchises — National Branding’s power hitters can help with any project from start to finish. Get a customized brand rollout plan and stay connected to progress through the Brand Boss app. We also design attractive brand products, construct eye-catching signs with the latest technology, pull necessary permits and handle installation with our fully licensed and insured crew. National Branding’s team can focus on the branding details — keeping you informed every step of the way — while you build your dream team.


Make the Dream Franchise - How to Hire and Keep Talent

You are the real MVP: Keep your team focused and moving forward.

We all get busy — and time is especially precious when starting out. So schedule time for your employees and write down practices that will remind you to stop and connect with your team. 

When a new employee starts, make a point to say hello on day No. 1 to start the relationship off right and make a lasting impression.

Create a timeline that works best for you, but here is an example of other steps your can take when building your all-star team:

  • End of first day. Spending the last 15 minutes of a new hire’s first day debriefing, answering questions, establishing expectations, and ensuring that they leave with a positive attitude about your company.
  • End of first 30 days. This time can help you evaluate how your team has performed in bringing the new employee up-to-speed, as well as a time to reevaluate the person’s overall performance and to learn from them about their experience to date.
  • The 90-day mark is a critical time for hourly employees. They often decide whether to stay or go between three and six months. Typically, if an employee is an active team member for six months, they will be in it for the long haul. Use the 90-day mark as a time for a re-orientation of team members who are at or around that milestone. Gather feedback on how to improve processes when you speak with them — your team members are on-the-ground and implementing their suggestions can improve customer and employee satisfaction. 

You have the franchised brand, the motivation and the knowledge — so get out there and play ball!

National Branding believes that successful people build each other up — and wants to help you grow. If you want the recruiting, branding or project management expertise of the National Branding team, we’re here for you.