What to Look for in a Sign Fabrication Company

Signage is your brand’s visual identity and something that you want to get right in your marketing mix to help your business remain profitable.  Purchasing signs is a significant investment for a franchise or any other business. Choosing the right sign fabrication for franchises to produce high-quality signage that will last you through the years is crucial.  But how do you know that you’ve settled on the right signage company? Here are a few considerations to make when choosing a signage partner.  

1. Excellent Signage Knowledge

In any business relationship, the partners must be a good fit. Some sign companies may be reliable in specific fields but not in others. When looking for sign fabrication for franchises, you must determine if your chosen sign company has what it takes to meet your unique signage needs.  Explore what type of signage you’ll require and see if the sign company has the design, manufacturing, and installation capability to serve you. 

2. Superior Installation Materials

Cheap is expensive, and this could never be more true than when it comes to signage. When a proposal sounds too good to be true, investigate further.  The design, manufacturing, and installation of signage require industry-specific knowledge regarding current products, best-practices, trade skills, and health and safety practices.

3. Customer-centric Service

When your signage breaks, it instantly ruins the image of your brand. You need an available signage partner to put things right as soon as possible. Ask yourself the following: 

  • Can you reach the company on the phone, are the phones operated continuously, or do the phones go to voicemail? Do they have an online presence? 
  • Do they have project managers that coordinate well with other trades on-site?
  • Can you tour their manufacturing facility?

Your chosen sign company must have a responsive customer service department that’s ready to attend to your needs. Read what customers are saying about the company on review sites like Google Reviews, Yelp, Trust Pilot, and the Better Business Bureau before engaging their services. 

4. Reliability & Years in Business

Will the sign company be around to support your franchise branding for the full life of the signage? Signage is the visual face of your brand and built to last 10-15 years. Even with the highest quality materials, your signs will need regular maintenance and service within their life-span. Ensure that the sign provider you choose will be in business to enable them to service the parts and components in your display throughout and after the warranty period. A company that’s been in business for 15 – 20 years is more likely to meet this requirement for sign fabrication for franchises than one that’s only been in business for one or two years.

5. Professional Memberships

Is your chosen sign company active in the sign industry? From local to national associations, membership of industry associations is an excellent indication that the sign company is credible and dedicated to growing their business long-term.

Bottom Line

The right signage company can either make or break your business.  At National Branding, you can rely on the wealth of our experience in the custom sign business that guarantees high-quality and exceptional sign fabrication for franchises. We are a full-service signage company that will work with you from the design and manufacturing of your signage to the installation and maintenance stages.  We will never sub-contract our work, and you can count on knowledgeable technicians to get the job right the first time around. Reach out to us online today or call toll-free at 888-637-711 to learn more about partnering with us.