How to Choose a Sign Company for Franchises


Franchising is a small business model that’s ideal for beginner entrepreneurs who wish to start their entrepreneurial journey with some safety nets in place just in case.

Franchisors must create attractive business models to entice as many franchisees as possible in order for them to turn a profit. Part of what goes into making a franchise successful is the quality and consistency of the brand image, and the signage chosen for franchise locations plays a significant role here. 

Signage is an essential part of a franchise’s marketing strategy because it is often the first thing people notice about a brand. It’s therefore necessary to pick a sign company for franchises that has the experience and the skills to know what they’re doing.  

Don’t believe us? 

Take a look at these findings from a 2015 FedEx survey

  • Approximately 76% of customers surveyed stated that they had entered a business for the first time because of the signage quality.
  • Approximately 75% of customers surveyed stated that they had referred a business because of the quality of its signage.
  • Approximately 68% of customers surveyed stated that the quality of signage a business has influenced what they thought about the quality of the company products and services.

Picking the Right Sign Company for Franchises

1. Secure Local Permit or Landlord Rights Early

The whole point of signage is to get your business noticed. Often, there may be local or landlord-imposed size restrictions. If you aren’t aware of these before your signage project, you could waste valuable resources and money correcting local signage violations.

You must partner with a signage company that understands these regulations and will fight to get variances and permits for the franchise, ensuring that your brand receives the most signage possible.

2. Maintain Quality and Clear Brand Standards 

Consistency is vital. It establishes your franchise’s brand, ensuring that your franchise locations look identical to customers. 

Franchise signage helps to create a quality and memorable customer experience and gives customers visual cues about your brand.

Whether it’s exterior signs by the highway or and at your storefront, franchise signage is a crucial identifier of your brand. It could mean the difference between customers instantly recognizing your business and choosing to buy from it or ignoring it. Worse still, the wrong signage could mean that customers might mistake you for another Company entirely.

Franchisors must have clear and defined brand standards and choose a signage company that interprets and recreates them effectively.

3. Location, Location, Location!

Franchisors and franchisees must recognize the importance of signage location and choose the right one to gain maximum exposure.

Signage location is a crucial driver of foot traffic into a business. Put simply, your signage won’t be effective if passing traffic can’t see it.

Settling on the right spot for your signage is as essential as finding the right location for your business. Franchisors should work with signage partners that can advise them on the proper signage placement to maximize exposure.

Wrapping It Up

Prominent signage is critical for the success of any franchise. It captures the attention of potential clients or customers and inspires confidence in current customers.

National Branding is a full-service sign company for franchises that helps brands to design the perfect signage. We are brand management experts that can handle everything from interior signage, full-scale exterior signage, and environmental graphics. 

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