About The Client 

DaVita Kidney Care is a renowned national company that specializes in providing kidney dialysis services to patients across the United States and several other countries. With an extensive network of 2,816 outpatient dialysis centers in the United States, catering to 204,200 patients, and an additional 321 outpatient dialysis centers in 10 other countries serving 3,200 patients, DaVita Kidney Care has established itself as a leading provider in the industry.

The company’s mission revolves around delivering excellent patient care, promoting education, and fostering a sense of community. DaVita Kidney Care takes pride in its patient-centric approach, focusing on personalized treatment plans and ensuring comprehensive support for individuals with kidney-related health challenges. By prioritizing innovation, transparency, and inclusivity, DaVita Kidney Care strives to make a positive impact on the lives of patients while maintaining a strong national brand presence.

Project Overview 

In collaboration with National Branding, a national sign company specializing in visual branding strategies, DaVita Kidney Care is undertaking an ongoing project to enhance its visual branding through the implementation of various types of entrance signs at numerous locations throughout the country. This initiative aims to create a consistent and recognizable brand identity that reflects the company’s values and effectively communicates its presence to patients, visitors, and the wider community.

As part of this comprehensive project, National Branding is utilizing different types of entrance signs, including awnings, pylon signs, monument signs, post signs, and channel letters. These diverse sign options allow for strategic placement and customization, ensuring that each DaVita Kidney Care center’s signage aligns with the overall brand guidelines, color schemes, and aesthetic preferences.

The collaboration between National Branding and DaVita Kidney Care underscores the significance of visual branding in the healthcare industry. By leveraging the expertise of National Branding and employing various types of entrance signs, both organizations aim to create an immersive and welcoming environment for patients while reinforcing DaVita Kidney Care’s national brand presence and commitment to delivering high-quality care.

The Result 

The implementation of the entrance signage project by National Branding, utilizing types such as awnings, pylon signs, monument signs, post signs, and channel letters, has yielded remarkable results for DaVita Kidney Care. The careful consideration of design elements, brand guidelines, and strategic placement of these diverse signs has successfully enhanced the overall visual branding of DaVita Kidney Care centers across the nation.

Each type of entrance sign has its unique impact. Awnings provide a distinctive and welcoming visual element, while pylon signs command attention and increase visibility from a distance. Monument signs create a sense of permanence and professionalism, and post signs offer clear directional guidance. Additionally, channel letters add a touch of elegance and readability to the signage.

The diverse range of entrance signs has not only increased the visibility and recognition of DaVita Kidney Care facilities but has also contributed to a more cohesive and unified brand image. Patients, visitors, and staff members alike have responded positively to the updated visual identity, appreciating the professionalism, clarity, and aesthetic appeal conveyed by the different types of entrance signs.

Furthermore, the enhanced visual branding has reinforced DaVita Kidney Care’s reputation as a trusted and patient-centric organization. By utilizing awnings, pylon signs, monument signs, post signs, and channel letters strategically, the company has created a welcoming and recognizable environment, fostering a sense of trust and reassurance among patients while highlighting its commitment to providing exceptional kidney dialysis services.