Project Location:  Franklin, TN

About The Client

D1 Training is a fitness training facility with over 250 locations across more than 20 states in the US. The company’s mission is to provide a supportive environment for anyone dedicated to their sport or fitness, whether they are beginners or professionals, young or old. The facility offers customized, state-of-the-art equipment, sports science-backed programs, and professional coaches to help clients achieve their goals.

D1 Training is suitable for all fitness levels, from beginners to fitness enthusiasts, offering various programs to cater to clients’ individual needs. The training programs include boot camps, strength training, one-on-one training, and scholastics training. Clients can be assured that they will be motivated to achieve their best while having fun along the way. When clients join D1 Training, they become part of a team rather than just another gym-goer.

D1 Training was founded by Will Bartholomew, who was a National Champion and captain playing with Peyton Manning at the University of Tennessee. After suffering a career-ending injury during a non-contact drill with the Denver Broncos, Bartholomew realized that there was no place to train as he did at a Division 1 school. This realization led him to start the D1 journey, which began in 2001 as training kids in a field and evolved into training facilities all over the country. The success of D1 Training is attributed to Will’s passion for training, his motivation, and the strong team around him. 

At D1 Training, the focus is on training the entire body as a unit to produce optimal human performance. The training techniques used are trusted and proven, and every workout follows a specific progression of dynamic warm-up, performance, strength training, core and conditioning, and cool down. The workouts follow a strategic 8-week training cycle that is meticulously planned and backed by sports science. D1 Training is a membership-based gym and boutique fitness franchise that provides individual and group training classes in a state-of-the-art facility, the likes of which are normally found on the campuses of the biggest schools and in the training centers of the best teams. The coaches provide instruction in basic athleticism, advanced cross-training and fitness, and targeted workouts to improve overall performance.