About Jet’s Pizza Bloomington, Il location   

Located near the bustling Central Illinois Regional Airport, Jet’s Pizza has landed in Bloomington, IL, bringing its renowned flavors and commitment to quality to the heart of this community. As a college town, Bloomington boasts a thriving population of over 21,000 students from Illinois State University, along with more than 78,000 residents eager to savor the taste of Jet’s Pizza.

Jet’s Pizza traces its roots back to 1978 when founder Eugene Jetts, driven by his passion for pizza, veered from buying a new home to establish the first Jet’s location. Teaming up with his brother John, they inaugurated Jetts Party Shoppe & Pizzeria in Sterling Heights, MI, igniting a deep-dish revolution in the pizza world.

Since then, Jet’s Pizza has grown into a nationwide sensation with hundreds of locations across 22 states. While famous for their Detroit-style pizzas, including deep dish delights, Jet’s also offers a variety of hand-tossed round, thin-crust, and NY-style pizzas, along with fresh salads, breads, and desserts. At the core of Jet’s philosophy is an unwavering commitment to quality, evident in their use of the freshest vine-ripened tomatoes, Italian herbs and spices, hand-prepared dough, and hand-grated premium mozzarella cheese.

With the opening of the Bloomington location, Jet’s Pizza brings its signature taste and dedication to excellence to the doorstep of pizza enthusiasts in the area. Whether you’re a student seeking a quick bite between classes or a resident craving a delicious meal, Jet’s Pizza promises an unforgettable experience, because at Jet’s, it’s not just pizza—it’s better pizza, because it has to be.

Project Overview – National Branding and Jet’s Pizza Bloomington, IL:

National Branding took on the task of branding the newest Jet’s Pizza locations in Bloomington, IL, ensuring their presence was boldly announced and unmistakable to passersby. This project involved the installation of Channel Letters, a specialized task that National Branding excels in. Additionally, the project included a unique challenge: integrating a pylon cabinet onto an existing pylon sign. While National Branding frequently produces tenant panels for existing pylon signs, the addition of cabinets presented a distinct opportunity to showcase the versatility and expertise of their team.


The collaboration between National Branding and Jet’s Pizza resulted in eye-catching signage that effectively promotes the brand’s presence in Bloomington, IL. By utilizing Channel Letters, the Jet’s Pizza logo shines brightly, capturing the attention of potential customers and reinforcing brand recognition. Furthermore, the successful installation of the pylon cabinet onto the existing pylon sign not only enhances the visibility of the Jet’s Pizza location but also demonstrates National Branding’s ability to adapt to unique project requirements.

The addition of cabinets to the pylon sign provides Jet’s Pizza with increased visibility from afar, making it easier for customers to locate the establishment. This innovative approach not only highlights the commitment of National Branding to delivering exceptional results but also showcases their capacity to tackle diverse branding challenges with creativity and precision. Overall, the project exemplifies the successful collaboration between National Branding and Jet’s Pizza in establishing a prominent and memorable presence in Bloomington, IL.