About CrossCountry Mortgage  in Westlake, Ohio   

CrossCountry Mortgage is the nation’s third-largest retail mortgage lender, employing over 7,000 professionals across nearly 800 branches in all 50 states. Recognized for its remarkable growth and outstanding corporate culture, CCM offers a wide range of mortgage, refinance, and home equity solutions, totaling over 120 programs. As a direct lender and approved seller and servicer by Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, and Ginnie Mae, CCM ensures seamless transactions and top-notch service quality.

In Westlake, Ohio, the Kaddah Team embodies CCM’s dedication to personalized service. With a focus on the client’s needs, the team works collaboratively to provide a smooth home loan experience. Their expertise covers various loan programs, from FHA and VA to conventional and jumbo, ensuring clients find the right solution for their needs. Whether clients are buying, refinancing, or renovating, the Kaddah Team is committed to delivering an outstanding mortgage experience.

Project Overview – National Branding and CrossCountry Mortgage, Westlake, Ohio:

National Branding recently undertook a project in collaboration with CrossCountry Mortgage’s branch in Westlake, Ohio. Unlike many of the company’s other branches, which primarily feature door vinyl and tenant panels, this project presented a unique opportunity to install a diverse range of elements, enhancing the branch’s visibility and aesthetic appeal.

The project scope encompassed the installation of various components, including raceway-mounted illuminated channel letters, door vinyl, a large monument reface, LED retrofitting, and painting. Additionally, two small cabinets underwent reface, LED retrofitting, and painting, contributing to the overall revitalization of the branch’s exterior.

Given the branch’s active involvement with the local Chamber of Commerce and its strong community engagement, the project aimed not only to elevate the visual impact of the premises but also to reinforce CrossCountry Mortgage’s commitment to its local stakeholders.

Results: Impact and Achievements

National Branding’s efforts culminated in the successful transformation of CrossCountry Mortgage’s Westlake branch, significantly enhancing its presence and appeal within the community. The installation of raceway-mounted illuminated channel letters, alongside door vinyl and a large monument reface, delivered a striking visual identity that distinguishes the branch from its counterparts.

Furthermore, the LED retrofitting and painting of various components not only modernized the branch’s appearance but also contributed to energy efficiency and sustainability. These improvements align with CrossCountry Mortgage’s commitment to environmental responsibility while ensuring long-term cost savings.

The revitalized branch now serves as a sign within the Westlake community, reflecting CrossCountry Mortgage’s dedication to excellence and community engagement. National Branding’s collaboration has not only elevated the branch’s aesthetics but also reinforced its status as a trusted partner and pillar of support within the local area.