National Branding, a leading national sign and branding company, takes pride in creating a unique and appealing identity for businesses across the country. One of their esteemed clients, Sharkey’s Cuts for Kids, is set to make a grand entrance into Auburn, WA, and National Branding is playing a crucial role in building anticipation through its strategic signage approach.

Sharkey’s Cuts for Kids understands the significance of providing a distinct and enjoyable haircut experience for both kids and parents. With over 1,100 employees nationally and more than 150 locations, Sharkey’s continues to expand, adding approximately 30 new locations each year. This rapid growth highlights the brand’s success and the increasing demand for its distinctive services.

Father and daughter standing in front of a Sharkey's Cuts location in Auburn, WA

The upcoming Sharkey’s location in Auburn, WA, managed by franchise owners Courteney and George Plumis, is generating excitement within the community. National Branding recognizes the importance of creating a buzz around the new storefront, and they have developed a comprehensive strategy to achieve just that.

In the blog, we feature an exclusive picture of the Sharkey’s location in Auburn, WA, providing a sneak peek into the vibrant and inviting atmosphere that awaits customers. Courteney and George Plumis, the franchise owners, share their excitement about the new venture with a quote that captures the essence of Sharkey’s commitment to providing a superior haircut experience.

National Branding’s approach involves sending out signage before the installation of channel letters and the official sign. This might seem unconventional, but it serves a specific purpose in building anticipation and raising awareness in the community.

The concept of teasing the arrival of Sharkey’s through signage creates a sense of curiosity and excitement. By strategically placing signs before the complete storefront is unveiled, National Branding engages the community and piques interest. This early exposure allows residents to anticipate the grand opening and generates buzz around the new location.

But why is it important to send out signage before the channel letters and official signs are installed? The answer lies in the power of consistent brand messaging. National Branding ensures that the initial signage aligns with the overall branding strategy, creating a cohesive and recognizable identity for Sharkey’s Cuts for Kids.

Consistency in signage across all locations is crucial for brand recognition and recall. When a new Sharkey’s location opens, the community should instantly associate the signage with the brand they know and love. National Branding’s ability to design and deploy consistent sign messages across diverse locations helps Sharkey’s maintain its identity and brand image.

Furthermore, the early deployment of signage allows for a seamless transition from anticipation to recognition when the official sign is revealed. The community, having already been introduced to the brand through the preliminary signage, can now connect the dots and celebrate the arrival of Sharkey’s with a sense of familiarity.

National Branding’s innovative approach to teasing the arrival of Sharkey’s in Auburn, WA, demonstrates the importance of strategic signage in building anticipation and brand awareness. By sending out signage before the lights, National Branding contributes to the success of Sharkey’s Cuts for Kids and reinforces the significance of consistent and impactful brand messaging across all locations. As the lights are about to shine on Sharkey’s in Auburn, WA, the community eagerly awaits a superior haircut experience in a place filled with fun!