3 Options for Replacing Your Sign

Outdoor signs generate awareness for your business and entice consumers inside. All signs need updating from time to time, perhaps because it’s no longer functional, attractive, or a good fit for your brand.

When it’s time to replace old signs, you can go with one of three options.

Option One: Refurbish and Repair the Sign

If the structure of your signage is still sound, you don’t have to replace the entire thing. Repairing the cosmetic damages and refurbishing the rest will be more cost-effective.

For example, if an old pylon sign has cracks, faded paint, and some missing letters, it’s still salvageable as long as it still has a solid structure. With a bit of refurbishment and repair, the sign can look as good as new.

If there are dents in the sign, there are experts who repair such issues. For fading or broken components, get the sign a new paint job and replace the broken bits.

3 Options for Replacing Your Sign

Option Two: Update Your Sign

Does your sign look like it belongs in another era? You could save money by retrofitting the sign instead of replacing it.

For example, if the sign has no lights or uses neon or fluorescent backlights, you can upgrade it with long-lasting LED lights. Aside from improving the look and visibility of the sign, LED lights are more cost-effective because they are energy-efficient and don’t require frequent replacements.

If the old sign has outdated digital components, you can swap them out for something more modern. But depending on the compatibility of the old components with new digital technology, upgrading the sign might cost just as much as getting a replacement.

To be on the safe side, get a quote for a replacement and an upgrade. If the upgrade costs as much as a replacement, getting a replacement is a better investment.

3 Options for Replacing Your Sign

Option Three: Get a Complete Replacement

Does your sign have a structurally unsound frame, crumbling core, or it’s just not salvageable? Answering yes to any of these questions means it’s time to get a brand-new sign.

Replacing a sign might be pricey, but it’s the perfect opportunity to get an upgrade that will last longer and better represent your business. For example, you can replace old signs made of wood or another static material with something more dynamic, like a digital sign that catches the eyes of passersby.

But while making changes, be careful to keep your brand identity in mind so as not to become unrecognizable to your longtime customers.

3 Options for Replacing Your Sign

Are You Ready for a New Sign?

Before deciding what to do with your old sign, consult a signage company. At National Branding, we have the expertise to advise you whether your damaged sign is salvageable or if you’re better off getting a replacement.

If a replacement is what you need, we can provide you with design options that will generate immediate buzz about your business and bring in fresh customers.

Contact us today for a consultation and discover fantastic signage options.