About American Renal Associates    

In 2021, the merger of Innovative Renal Care (IRC) and American Renal Associates (ARA) marked the formation of the IRC family of companies. This collective entity, comprised of IRC and ARA’s legacy clinics and partnerships, stands as a stalwart provider of high-quality care for patients battling End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) and other kidney conditions across the United States.

As one of the largest dialysis services providers in the nation, the Innovative Renal Care (IRC) family of companies is dedicated to delivering top-tier care to its patients. Their approach hinges on robust partnerships, collaborating closely with nephrologists and health systems nationwide. Through a blend of clinical expertise and administrative support, IRC ensures that patients receive exceptional care and support tailored to their unique needs.

Project Overview – National Branding and Innovative Renal Care  

National Branding was tasked with revitalizing the branding and signage for Innovative Renal Care (IRC) in Arlington, Texas. The project presented unique challenges as the site was undergoing renovations by the landlord, necessitating the removal of existing signage to accommodate the facade overhaul. Additionally, American Renal Associates (ARA) had recently rebranded to IRC, requiring an update to the signage to reflect the new identity.

The centerpiece of the project was the fabrication and installation of an exterior sign at the west elevation, spanning over 40 feet in width and 60 inches in height. This expansive sign not only served as a beacon for the South Arlington Dialysis Center but also needed to make a bold statement that would attract attention and clearly identify the facility’s location.

National Branding carefully crafted the signage using wireway-mounted internally illuminated LED channel letters. The design incorporated 3/16″ white translucent acrylic faces with printed vinyl applied first surface, ensuring crisp visibility both day and night. To complement the vibrant illumination, a striking trim cap in black and wireway color in Raucous Orange were chosen, creating a visually dynamic presentation.

In addition to the west elevation sign, National Branding also illuminated the signage on the north elevation, featuring channel letters measuring nearly 19 feet wide by 60 inches tall. Each element of the signage, including the tenant panel with vinyl overlay and double-sided pylon, was meticulously crafted to uphold the IRC brand identity and enhance visibility for patients and visitors.


The partnership between National Branding and Innovative Renal Care resulted in the successful transformation of the Arlington facility’s branding and signage. Despite the logistical complexities posed by the ongoing renovations and rebranding efforts, the project was executed seamlessly, with thorough attention to detail and craftsmanship.

The newly installed exterior signage at the west and north elevations serves as a striking representation of the IRC brand, effectively guiding patients to the South Arlington Dialysis Center and reinforcing the facility’s presence in the community. The innovative design and vibrant illumination ensure maximum visibility, even from a distance, while maintaining brand consistency and professionalism.

By effortlessly integrating the IRC brand identity into the signage design and overcoming the challenges of fabrication and installation, National Branding has demonstrated its commitment to delivering exceptional results that exceed client expectations. The revitalized branding and signage not only enhance the aesthetics of the facility but also contribute to increased visibility and recognition for Innovative Renal Care in Arlington, Texas.