About Empower Rental Group    

Empower Rental Group (ERG) is a leading provider of top-tier rental solutions, offering a diverse range of high-quality equipment to individuals and businesses. With a commitment to excellence and a customer-centric approach, ERG is a trusted partner for seamless and efficient rental experiences across various sectors. Founded with the goal of revolutionizing the equipment rental industry, ERG began with just three locations in 2021. Today, the company boasts 40 locations across the Southeastern United States, demonstrating rapid growth and a steadfast dedication to supporting American businesses.

Recognizing the common frustrations in equipment rental, ERG set out to solve these issues from the start. Local rental companies often provide great customer service but have limited equipment availability, while large companies typically offer more equipment but lack effective customer service and accurate billing. ERG bridges this gap by combining the best of both worlds. Their network of ever-growing local equipment rental branches maintains the customer service and personal touch of local companies while providing access to equipment from all locations.

ERG offers a wide array of equipment rentals, including boom lifts, forklifts, dozers, scissor lifts, and more. They pride themselves on delivering service within a few hours, not days, and ensuring accurate billing. This commitment to reliability and efficiency makes ERG a local, no-excuses rental partner in the Southeast.

Project Overview – National Branding and Empower Rental Group   

National Branding partnered with Empower Rental Group (ERG) to rebrand their Lenoir City, TN location (just southwest of Knoxville). This project aimed to maximize visibility and brand awareness for ERG while keeping costs manageable.

Challenge: Following the acquisition of Loudon County Rentals, ERG needed to update the existing signage to reflect their brand identity. However, complete sign replacement wasn’t the most cost-effective solution.

Solution: National Branding developed a strategic rebranding plan that utilized a combination of new and existing signage elements:

  • Door Vinyl: High-quality vinyl applied directly to the entrance doors, showcasing the ERG logo and branding prominently.
  • Non-Illuminated Pan Sign: A cost-effective, non-illuminated pan sign featuring the ERG logo and key messaging was strategically placed for optimal visibility.
  • Pylon Tenant Panel Update: Existing tenant panels on the pylon sign were replaced with new panels displaying the updated ERG logo.
  • Pylon Sign Refresh: To further enhance the overall look and feel while maintaining budget constraints, the existing pylon sign cabinet and pole were repainted, providing a refreshed appearance.

This strategic approach ensured maximum visual impact at a cost-effective price point.

Results: Increased Brand Awareness and Cost-Effective Transformation

The rebranding project at the Lenoir City ERG location has delivered significant results:

  • Enhanced Visibility: The combination of new signage elements and a refreshed pylon sign significantly increased brand visibility for ERG, attracting new customers and strengthening brand awareness in the local marketplace.
  • Cost-Effective Transformation: By utilizing existing signage components whenever possible, National Branding delivered a cost-effective solution that met ERG’s budget expectations.
  • Cohesive Brand Identity: The consistent use of ERG’s branding elements across all signage creates a cohesive and professional image for the location.

This project showcases National Branding’s ability to understand client needs and create strategic signage solutions that balance brand impact with cost-effectiveness.