About Acorn Health

Acorn Health is a trusted national provider of applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy for children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). With over 70 locations across multiple states, including Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Virginia, they are dedicated to delivering industry-leading quality clinical care.

In honor of Autism Awareness Month in April, Acorn Health proudly highlights its commitment to supporting individuals and families affected by ASD. As an accredited Behavioral Health Center of Excellence® (BHCOE), they offer both center-based and in-home services, combining scientifically validated Applied Behavior Analytics best practices with innovative next practices for optimal outcomes.

Founded in October of 2018, Acorn Health’s mission is clear: to provide children diagnosed with ASD the opportunity to live more independent and meaningful lives. Acorn Health is committed to supporting the unique needs of each child and family that they serve, and they look forward to partnering with families on this journey toward growth and progress.

Project Overview with National Branding and Acorn Health, Clinton Township

National Branding proudly collaborated with Acorn Health in Clinton Township to execute a comprehensive rebranding initiative. This involved transitioning the organization from Autism University to Acorn Health, necessitating a complete transformation of the physical storefront.

Working closely with Candyce Hubbard, Facilities Manager at Acorn Health, National Branding ensured consistency in signage both indoors and outdoors across multiple locations. Candyce oversees operations spanning over 70 locations across 7 states, with the potential for expansion to 80 in 2025.

The rebranding encompassed the removal of old signage, thorough cleaning of the storefront, and installation of new signage or channel letters. Attention to detail was paramount, with the team accurately filling existing holes with silicon for a seamless transition to the new branding identity.


The collaboration with National Branding has revitalized Acorn Health’s appearance in Clinton Township, enhancing visibility and professionalism. The removal of old signage and installation of new channel letters have created a fresh and inviting exterior reflective of Acorn Health’s commitment to providing top-quality care for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Candyce Hubbard commends National Branding for their dedication to quality and attention to detail throughout the rebranding process. She emphasizes, “The transformed storefront now reflects our organization’s mission and values, creating a welcoming environment for our clients and community.”

National Branding is proud to highlight this project in April as Autism Awareness Month, further showcasing Acorn Health’s dedication to supporting individuals and families affected by ASD. The successful rebranding effort positions Acorn Health for continued growth and success in serving the community.