About The Client

Encompass stands as a market leader in both forward and reverse supply chain management and repair services, catering to an expanding spectrum of consumer electronics, computers, major appliances, and imaging products. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, Encompass seamlessly navigates all facets of the product lifecycle. From managing OEM replacement parts and logistics to conducting board repair, product refurbishment, returns management, technical support, asset value recovery, and environmentally-conscious disposal, Encompass offers comprehensive solutions tailored to meet diverse client needs.

Headquartered in Lawrenceville, GA, just north of Atlanta, Encompass operates from a large 150,000-square-foot distribution and repair facility. The company extends its strategic presence with distribution centers located strategically in Nevada and Florida, facilitating efficient order fulfillment extending to Canada and Latin America. Now adding a location in Dayton, Ohio. 

With approximately 200 dedicated associates, Encompass is poised to deliver unparalleled service, providing full visibility and accountability at every stage to ensure optimal performance and client satisfaction. Encompass redefines excellence in supply chain management and repair services, empowering clients to thrive in an ever-evolving marketplace.

Project Overview with National Branding and Encompass, Dayton, Ohio

National Branding collaborated with Encompass for the branding of their new location in Dayton, Ohio. The project entailed a comprehensive rebranding effort, beginning with the removal of existing branded signs. Subsequently, the front façade underwent a detailed painting process to rejuvenate its appearance, setting the stage for the installation of channel letters and a pan sign. This strategic initiative aimed to establish a distinct and memorable presence for Encompass in the Dayton area, aligning with the company’s branding objectives and enhancing visibility within the community. With a focus on precision and attention to detail, National Branding executed each phase of the project with professionalism and expertise, ensuring a seamless transition to the new branding elements.


The collaboration between National Branding and Encompass culminated in the successful transformation of the new location in Dayton, Ohio. The removal of existing branded signs marked the initial step in the rebranding process, paving the way for a fresh and modern aesthetic. The front façade received a vibrant coat of paint, revitalizing its appearance and creating an inviting atmosphere for customers and passersby. The installation of illuminated channel letters and a pan sign served as the focal point, effectively showcasing the Encompass brand and solidifying its presence in the local community. The newly branded location now stands as a beacon of professionalism and quality, embodying Encompass’s commitment to excellence. Through thorough planning and execution, National Branding delivered positive results, enabling Encompass to make a memorable impact in Dayton, Ohio.