National Branding, the leading national sign and branding company, recently had the privilege of attending the D1 Franchise Summit 2023, a pivotal event focused on Continuing Education for D1 Training franchise owners. The summit, held annually, brought together industry leaders, experts, and franchise owners to share insights and best practices for running successful D1 Training locations. National Branding’s commitment to excellence was showcased as team members Torey Stade and Jennifer Hirvela actively participated in the summit, contributing to the collective knowledge and networking with clients.

D1 Training employees at their Franchise Summit 2023

Highlights from the Summit

The D1 Franchise Summit 2023 was a melting pot of knowledge and collaboration, featuring a lineup of distinguished guest speakers. Franchise owners gained valuable insights into the best practices that drive success in running D1 Training locations. National Branding’s Torey Stade and Jennifer Hirvela shared their experiences, reinforcing the importance of continuous learning in the ever-evolving world of franchise operations.

“Attending the D1 Franchise Summit is always an enriching experience. It’s an opportunity to connect with franchise owners, understand their needs, and contribute to the growth of the D1 Training community,” remarked Torey Stade.

Jennifer Hirvela added, “The summit not only allows us to stay ahead of industry trends but also fosters collaboration between National Branding and our clients. It’s inspiring to see the dedication of franchise owners to provide top-notch training facilities for their communities.”

D1 Training employees at their Franchise Summit 2023

National Branding’s Role in D1 Training

National Branding plays a crucial role in the success of D1 Training franchise locations by providing comprehensive branding and signage solutions. With a scope of service that spans across all new and existing facilities, National Branding ensures a consistent and visually appealing look for each D1 Training location. This is particularly challenging given that each D1 Training facility comprises over 20,000 square feet, requiring meticulous attention to detail to maintain a cohesive brand identity.

D1 Training: A Vision Realized

The success of D1 Training is rooted in the vision of its founder, Will Bartholomew. A former athlete himself, Will identified the need for a training facility that mirrored the elite environment of Division 1 schools. What began as training sessions in a field in 2001 has now evolved into a nationwide network of facilities producing some of the world’s best athletes.

D1 Training Programs

Central to the effectiveness of D1 Training is its commitment to training the entire body as a unit to optimize human performance. Rejecting gimmicks and fads, D1 relies on trusted and proven training techniques utilized by elite athletes worldwide. The proprietary 5-Star Training Program system guides every workout through a strategic 8-week training cycle, ensuring a methodical and science-backed approach to fitness.

The D1 Franchise Summit 2023 was not just a gathering of minds but a celebration of the shared commitment to excellence within the D1 Training community. National Branding’s active participation underscored its dedication to providing top-tier branding and signage solutions for D1 Training locations. As the D1 Training network continues to expand, National Branding remains a key partner in maintaining the consistent and impactful visual identity of this renowned fitness brand.