If you’re a business with multiple locations spread across several states, you know how challenging it can be to maintain a consistent brand image. Different states may have different regulations and requirements for signage, making it difficult to ensure that all locations follow the same branding guidelines. This is why it’s crucial to pick a sign installation company that can help you maintain a consistent brand image across all your locations. National Branding, and specifically their software, Brandboss, is one such company that can help you achieve this.

A great example of a business that has benefited from National Branding’s expertise is Pactiv Evergreen. With 53 manufacturing plants and 26 distribution warehouses across the United States, Canada, and Mexico, Pactiv Evergreen needed a consistent brand image across all its locations after acquiring Fabri-Kal in 2021. This is where National Branding stepped in to help with the rebranding project.

National Branding’s main objective was to ensure that every Pactiv Evergreen location had consistent branding. They achieved this by adding door vinyl to all exterior doors, such as the main doors, employee entrance, and shipping & receiving areas. They also added wall signs and ground signs if the site permits.

Consistent Branding Pactiv Evergreen National Branding

The challenge for National Branding was that each of the existing sites had signs that looked entirely different. The focus, therefore, was on ensuring that the signs were brand compliant to provide a consistent brand image across all locations.

To facilitate the project, Pactiv Evergreen’s custom held all of their main communication, budget communication, and brand book communications through Brandboss. This software ensured that all the data was logged correctly and provided a centralized source of communication for the project. Conference calls with the customer went smoothly as both National Branding’s team and the customer could view the same information.

Through National Branding’s efforts, Pactiv Evergreen has seen significant results. The new signage has created a cohesive brand image across all locations, ensuring consistency and improving visibility. The use of Brandboss has streamlined communication and ensured that all aspects of the project are logged properly, allowing for smoother conference calls with the customer.

National Branding’s commitment to providing high-quality, brand-compliant signage has made a significant impact on Pactiv Evergreen’s brand image and visibility. The completion of the project by September 2023 will mark a major milestone in the partnership between National Branding and Pactiv Evergreen.

So if you’re a business with multiple locations and you want to maintain a consistent brand image across all your locations, consider partnering with a sign installation company like National Branding. Their expertise and the use of software like Brandboss can help you achieve your branding goals and ensure that your business is recognized and remembered wherever you go.