About National Branding / Connect Hearing    

At Connect Hearing, they understand the profound impact that hearing has on our lives. They believe that every sound connects us to our world, and they are dedicated to enabling better hearing for their customers.

Their experienced team provides a full spectrum of hearing testing and solutions tailored to meet their customers’ lifestyles and budgets. With a warm, professional, and straightforward approach, they listen to their customers to identify their communication needs, determine the environments most important to them, and connect them with the best hearing aids for their individual loss.

At Connect Hearing, they bring together the best hearing professionals in Canada with the most advanced hearing technology because they believe in the power of every sound to connect us to our world.

In addition to their comprehensive services, they offer an informative Client Services Hub to help customers manage their hearing health at home. Customers can explore featured videos on hearing aid care and maintenance, discover tips for maintaining healthy hearing at home, and access valuable resources to support their journey to better hearing.

Project Overview – National Branding and Connect Hearing, Fort Saskatchewan

National Branding, a national sign and branding company, embarked on a project with Connect Hearing in Fort Saskatchewan, a part of the national Connect Hearing network. Leveraging their established relationship with National Hearing, the parent company of Connect Hearing, National Branding undertook the task of enhancing the signage for the Fort Saskatchewan location.

The project scope involved several key elements to elevate the visibility and branding of the Connect Hearing facility. Notably, the project required the installation of two sets of channel letters, a rare occurrence that posed unique challenges and opportunities. Additionally, National Branding installed door vinyl, illuminated channel letters, tenant panels on the pylon sign, and an interior lobby sign to further enhance the brand presence and aesthetics of the location.

With a focus on precision, attention to detail, and adherence to branding guidelines, National Branding executed the project with the aim of creating a cohesive and impactful visual identity for Connect Hearing in Fort Saskatchewan.


National Branding’s collaboration with Connect Hearing in Fort Saskatchewan has yielded impressive results, elevating the visibility and brand recognition of the facility. The implementation of two sets of channel letters provided a distinctive and eye-catching signage solution, setting the location apart and enhancing its prominence within the community.

The incorporation of the door vinyl, illuminated channel letters, and tenant panels on the pylon sign further contributed to the overall impact and professionalism of the signage. These elements not only enhanced the exterior aesthetics of the facility but also ensured clear visibility and legibility for customers and passersby.

Inside the facility, the interior lobby sign now provides a welcoming and cohesive brand experience for visitors, reinforcing Connect Hearing’s commitment to quality and excellence.

Through planning, expert craftsmanship, and a dedication to delivering superior signage solutions, National Branding successfully executed the project, resulting in a visually striking and effective representation of Connect Hearing in Fort Saskatchewan.