Insights for your church from Torey Rouillion, Director of Project Management at National Branding

Step inside the warm embrace of Our Lady Shepherd Lutheran Church, School, and Childcare in Troy, Michigan, where the uplifting message of Jesus Christ resonates within the heart of the community. As a congregation dedicated to effective communication and faithfully embodying your mission, you recognize the utmost importance of selecting the perfect church signage partner. We are thrilled to share that National Branding had the privilege of joining hands with Our Lady Shepherd Lutheran Church in a delightful collaboration to design their new sign, harmonizing it with their cherished core values and inspiring vision.

In this blog, we will delve into the key considerations for selecting the perfect sign company to enhance communication and authentically portray a church’s mission. Join us as we explore valuable insights shared by Torey Rouillion, the Director of Project Management at National Branding, renowned as the world’s largest Signarama location.

Let us embark on this journey to discover how the right church signage can beautifully represent your faith, inspire the community, and create a welcoming environment for all.

Evaluate the Church Complex

Before delving into sign options, it’s essential to evaluate the flow of a church complex. Consider the experience of someone entering church for the first time. Is there visual clarity? Can newcomers easily find their way around and feel welcomed? Torey Rouillion emphasizes this aspect:

“Think from the point of view of someone entering a church for the first time – is there visual clarity? Can someone figure out where to go and what to do once inside the church? Think about how you can work towards making newcomers feel more welcome and comfortable.”

The Importance of Church Signs

Church signs play a pivotal role in helping people find your church. Monument signs can mark your location, making it easier for new visitors to locate your building. Wayfinding and directional signs can direct visitors around the property or provide instructions on how to reach the church from different directions. Torey shares:

“With outdoor church signs, you can inform visitors where they should park their vehicles and which door is the entrance of the church. Also, digital church signs are a good option for guiding visitors once inside the church complex.”

Reflecting Your Mission

A well-designed sign can authentically reflect a church’s mission and ministry. Consider the purpose of the sign. Is it merely for aesthetics, or do you want it to engage the unchurched public as they pass by? Torey encourages you to ponder:

“Sometimes the simplest questions yield the best answers. As part of the church staff or leadership involved in purchasing a sign, you should ask yourself what the real purpose of the church signage may be. How does the your mission play into the decision for a particular sign?”

Creating a Welcoming Atmosphere

Research suggests that first-time visitors decide within the first 15 minutes whether they will return to the same church. To increase the probability of re-visits, make sure they feel welcome, comfortable, and safe as soon as they enter the premises. A well-designed sign can contribute to this positive experience.

Crafting a Story

Beyond functional benefits, custom LED signs can be used to tell a church’s story and its journey. Storytelling has a powerful way of attracting an audience and conveying a church’s personality. Embrace this aspect to enhance your communication through signage.


Choosing the perfect sign company for a church involves thoughtful consideration of a church complex, mission, and the experience you want to create for visitors. National Branding, as the world’s largest Signarama location, has the expertise and experience to help you in this endeavor.

As Torey Rouillion, the Director of Project Management at National Branding, says: “Our team at National Branding understands the importance of church signage in communicating your message and mission effectively. We are committed to providing personalized solutions that align with a church’s unique identity. Let us help you enhance communication and reflect your mission through impactful signage.”

Remember, church signs can be more than just markers; they can be powerful tools to spread your church’s message, make visitors feel at home, and inspire the community to join your journey of faith. With National Branding’s expertise in sign manufacturing, installation, and project management, your church can confidently convey its mission and values with visually compelling signage, both indoors and outdoors, and create a consistent brand identity across all its locations.

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